For Now

Sometimes I joke about my blog graveyard.

I had a blog about crafty projects and cooking and the farmer’s market. It was a good time, but I outgrew the name, writing was redirected, and it fell by the wayside. There’s some good stuff there, but I haven’t said anything in the last couple years.

I had a blog about wedding planning, which I really used as a planning tool until we set up our wedding site and got all up on google docs.

I had a blog about yoga and bodywork that I ultimately merged into my work blog, which is still current (the former is now hiding behind privacy settings).

I feel a little guilty starting yet another blog, but some stuff is just miscellaneous. Some stuff begs to be said without obligation to say more. Some stuff is personal and, however bodily, does not belong on my bodywork site. Some things need a home.

So here I am, a working draft of a person (aren’t we all?), jotting down the miscellany that I otherwise might not know how to say.


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